by Brutal Bravo

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released January 14, 2017



all rights reserved


Brutal Bravo Freiburg, Germany

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Track Name: Back on attack
Back on at tack

There`s nothing left that makes me come back
Nothing to fight for, there`s nothing left
Empty ideas from the past
time went by so god damned fast.
We wanted to be free, and kick some ass
To live loud and to live fast
We had the sound, the gang and the style
Until time so silently went by.
It was exciting, everything was new
We had a blast and blood on our boots.
There was a cause, `cause everything was shit
We were still green but we had grit.
And when I sing the songs that I`ve known for so long
It feels the same like when we were young
It might be empty, it might been gone
But I keep singing, I keep going on.
Track Name: Cut the crap
Cut the crap
We`re not getting better - we`re getting worse
The melody we play - you have already heard.
We`re not gonna tell - what life is all about
We cut the crap and throw it all out
Screw your label, screw your friends
Screw your ideals and screw your band
No good intentions, nothing we can share
We`re not becoming friends and we`re not getting anywhere.
So you`re expecting - another verse
There is no point in using many words
We keep it simple, nothing more to add
On the frontline we`re holding on to that
1 2 3 4 that`s all you need to know
1 2 3 4 a simple beat and power chords
1 2 3 4 that`s all you need to know
1 2 3 4 and when its time to shut your mouth